Ex-AG to top court on behalf of special needs citizens, resort staffs

Former attorney general and famed lawyer Husnu Suood has decided to take up the concerns relating special needs citizens and local employees at resorts to Maldives Supreme Court.

The outspoken lawyer made the decision in light of mounting criticism towards Elections Commission's decision to place ballot boxes in only seven resorts in Maldives. Many describe the decision as a direct strip of voting rights from several local citizens.

Maldives electoral watchdog has gone ahead with the decision of placing ballot boxes in just seven resorts, that too after the 250 collective locals re-register for voting. Previously more than 40 resorts were listed under ballot box venues.

Many have criticized EC's decision stating it would restrict 10% of local voters from casting in the upcoming presidential polls.

Elections Commission has decided a designated elections official will assist citizens with special needs in casting their votes during the presidential elections. The amendment was included in elections reforms however it has not bee gazetted.

According to Husnu Suood, his decision to file on behalf of resort employees and special needs citizens, was to protect the voting rights of these individuals who he fears may get compromised over the commission's newly established regulations.