PPM accuses opposition of influencing pres polls

Ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has accused the country's opposition attempting to influence and sabotage the upcoming presidential elections in September 2018.

The ruling party's secretary general Dr. Abdulla Khaleel on Tuesday tweeted addressing his concerns relating to opposition's attempts to intimidate Elections Commission.

According to Dr. Khaleel the opposition's protests against Maldives electoral watchdog are devised in hopes to derail the presidential elections or to influence the outcome of it in favor of opposition.

While strongly condemning the opposition for their alleged acts to undermine a free and fair presidential election, Dr. Khaleel urged from Maldives United Opposition to cooperate with Elections Commission properly.

Meanwhile opposition suspects ruling PPM has been coercing the electoral watchdog to take actions based on their whims while several opposition politicians expressed concern over the possibility of a transparent election in 2018.