Police warn opposition over jailed leaders' images on campaign posters

Police on Saturday warned the opposition coalition over the use of photos of jailed opposition leaders in campaign posters for the upcoming presidential elections.

The warning came after the opposition alliance led by its presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih conducted an event to put up campaign posters in the capital Male on Friday.

The opposition had put up posters which portrayed the four leaders of the alliance including former presidents Mohamed Nasheed and Maumoon Abdul Gayoom along with Jumhoory Party (JP) leader Gasim Ibrahim and religiously conservative Adhaalath Party (AP) leader Sheikh Imran Abdulla. The four leaders have all been jailed on contentious charges.

Police in a statement said the opposition had been using statements and photos of convicted criminals to garner public support which it said was illegal.

Police warned strict action against such efforts to gather support using the image of convicted criminals.