Opposition promises prohibiting collusion of religion, politics

Opposition on Sunday has claimed under their government religious affairs or matters related to Islamic Ministry will not be either politicized or colluded with politics.

While addressing the public of Faafu atoll Feeali, the opposition running-mate Faisal Naseem said government should separate the state powers and allow courts to proceed without external interference. Naseem also pressed on the importance of holding transparency in local judiciary.

Naseem also stressed on placing a country's Islamic affairs outside any political motives, and said the Islamic Ministry should function without any political collusion or influence.

"In a government run by us, we will not infuse politics or political matters into religious affairs or the Islamic Ministry," Naseem said.

The opposition running-mate highlighted recent incidents where Friday sermons were politicized, which had angered many of the public. Naseem condemned the collusion of politics with religion, and urged not to 'brainwash' the youth.

Naseem assured under an opposition led government Maldives will move towards strengthening the practice of Islamic faith.