Islanders will not be forced to leave their hometown, says Solih

Opposition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has assured the citizens of Maldives, his government will not force any locals to migrate from their hometown.

While addressing the public of Haa Dhaal atoll Hirimaradhoo, Solih said that he is aware of a petition filed by about 200 of the islanders at current government to change or migrate to another island.

Solih stressed the right to leave their hometown in favor of a developed island was still reserved with islanders.

"We will not force anyone to migrate to bigger islands or cities, but should you choose to change the island then it will be facilitated for you, but that is all up to you," Solih spoke to the island that comprises of roughly 400 people in population.

Solih also assured that an island's low population will not limit them from receiving aid or government funded developmental projects, under an opposition led government. The opposition candidate also noted several of the islands youths were employed in tourism sector, and assured of future plans to develop tourist resorts in nearby islands.

While bemoaning the lack of tourist resorts in Haa Dhaal atoll, Solih highlighted on the correlation between increasing an affordable transportation network and rise in tourist resorts in an atoll.

Solih had pledged to develop the transportation system in the atoll as well.