Pres Yameen assures no rift between PPM and MDA

Progressive Party of Maldives' (PPM) presidential candidate Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has assured their alliance with MDA was still intact.

While criticizing the opposition coalition, incumbent president looking for a re-election said the multiparty opposition was seeking to legitimize their coalition over possibilities or fears of losing trust within them.

President Yameen affirmed the coalition formed with MDA back in 2013 still remained strong, while admitting that Jumhooree Party and Adhaalath Party along with a few PPM members walked out from the alliance since then.

"MDA is still in alliance with us," president Abdulla Yameen affirmed.

Though president Abdulla Yameen claims the ruling party was in alliance with MDA, interestingly the latter's leader Ahmed Shiyam Mohamed is invisible from every ruling party campaign visit.

Meanwhile MDA had not stepped forward to either admit or deny the rumors regarding possible rifts between them and the ruling party.

Recently word has spread that MDA leader Shiyam held a clandestine meeting with opposition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at Malaysia. However, the rumors have not been verified thus far.