MDP Pres candidate vows to prioritize youth concerns

Opposition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has vowed to prioritize concerns from Maldivian youths.

According to Solih, an opposition led government will work towards realizing the hopes, dreams or goals of Maldivian youths who are struggling to live up to their potential.

Solih and his running-mate Faisal Naseem on Wednesday evening opened a party camp targeted specifically at the local youths while he revealed planned prospects for youngsters under an opposition led government.

The opposition presidential candidate vowed to introduce new scholarship programs for Maldivian youths, who can choose any destination or foreign university to study from. He also promised of developing a new picnic venue near Maldives capital for rest, recreation and enjoyment of the public.

He also bemoaned a large percentage of Maldives youth were unemployed, while promising to facilitate career opportunities for these individuals.

Solih also promised an opposition run government will maintain a close bond with the youths while criticized the incumbent administration for its injustice against the local youngsters.

Opposition candidate had highlighted the apparent jailing of young footballers, lawyers and unlawful termination of young councilors all endorsed by Yameen's administration.

Opposition's running-mate Faisal Naseem urged youths to caste their vote in favor of Solih, who would live up to his promise of delivering a hopeful future for the youths of Maldives.