Solih confidant Pres Yameen will withdraw from elections

Opposition coalition backed presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Saturday showed he was confidant incumbent president Abdulla Yameen will possibly withdraw from contesting in the upcoming presidential elections.

Solih made the strong assumption while addressing the people of Raa atoll Maakurathu on Saturday morning.

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) endorsed presidential candidate claims witnessing significant support for opposition from all islands he had visited.

He also claimed the incumbent president seeking re-election will experience his sliding approval rate from Maldives public.

According to Solih many locals who have been silent about their political stances over fear of losing their employment have started to vocally announce their support for opposition.

Solih challenged his ruling party counterpart for the presidential election, slated for September 23, stating the ruling party will witness deteriorating support for them by Maldives public in upcoming days.

In his trip to Raa atoll Rasmaadhoo, Solih stated that president Yameen was elected for presidency with a lot of public support, as many had invested their hopes in him. However, Solih criticized president Yameen for misusing his power and authority while failing to deliver to the public's hopes and wishes.