Social media 'lights up' with completed Sinamale' Bridge photos

Thursday, August 30 will be written in Maldivian history as a remarkable day. The new entry to the pages of Maldives history will mark the grand scale opening ceremony of the previously named 'China-Maldives Friendship Bridge.'

Now officially called the 'Sinamale' Bridge' linking Maldives capital Male' City with Velana International Airport (VIA) island Hulhule' has been the most coveted urban development project in the history of Maldives.

The project which kicked off back in 2015 culminated roughly three years later and is set for the grand unveiling, bringing the hopes and dreams of many Maldivians to fruition.

The now completed bridge looks aesthetically pleasing with an array of street lamps lit up stretching from one end to the other on both sides.

Since the completion of the bridge's works, the site has attracted thousands of keen locals with a good sense with their photo lenses. Capturing beautiful shots of the bridge lit up to the night, and sharing them on various social platforms.

For the past two days every social media platform frequented by Maldivians have been filled up with photos and short video sketches of the bridge site.

"Many ask what possible benefits a bridge will bring for us, but I believe it will benefit us a lot. One aspect is the hopes of Maldivians getting rejuvenated, especially youths. Many have envisioned the completion of the bridge and the associated benefits that comes from such a megastructure," a Facebook post by a local user read.

The Maldivian public are anxious as their much anticipated wait for the bridge's grand unveiling will become a reality on Thursday.