Thulhadhoo islanders' in difficulty over power outage

The island of Thulhadhoo, situated in Baa atoll has been experiencing complete power outage around dawn of Monday.

The island council's president Ahmed Rasheed confirmed to Avas Online Thulhadhoo experienced the blackout around 03:15hrs on Monday morning, and added that power has not resumed back since then.

Rasheed explained the island's electricity grid is powered by two 250 kilo-Watt generators and one 200 kilo-Watt generator. He also claimed the long period without generator overhaul has resulted in the malfunction.

The council president further detailed the generators have 'aged' and therefore requires intricate repairs; and perhaps a complete overhaul while procuring and transporting spare parts for the generators could result in further hours consumed in their repairs.

The Fenaka Corporation in-charge at the island stated electricity will possibly resume six hours later, and added it may take even longer if the generators required spare parts for repairs.

Fenaka Corporation have been unavailable for any comment regarding the matter.