Complaints mount as news breaks of national ID card 'buying'

With just a few days remaining to the presidential election of Maldives, fresh complaints have mounted over reports of national identity card buying.

Several people have shared their concern of social media platforms stating they have been inquired to 'sell' their national identity cards ahead of presidential polls.

An anonymous source speaking to Avas Online claimed they were called multiple times asking to buy their national identity cards between a price of MVR6,000 to MVR15,000.

Similar incidents were reported during previous elections, but local authorities claim they have not been notified on an official scale about such complaints.

Meanwhile south-Galolhu MP Ahmed Mahloof suspected the 'purchasing' were carried out by a specific political party to veer elections results, and urged from the public to expose such calls.

Elections Commission official Ahmed Akram confirmed the Maldives electoral watchdog have not been officially notified of such complaints, but advised to refrain from handing over identity cards to others over any matter.

Though regarded as an act of corruption, the matter of buying identity cards ahead of polls have not been lodged at Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) either, which was corroborated by the commission's information Hassan Manik as well.