Pres Yameen's administration to develop urban centers

Ruling party have announced plans of developing urban centers in Maldives - distributed two two major focal points - in their campaign manifesto.

In Progressive Party of Maldives' (PPM) 'Progress Shared' manifesto, the ruling party proposes a gradual 'migration from the Male' centric development model to the delivery of socio-economic development in key regions in Maldives.'

Under this pledge, the ruling party proposes on establishing to special development zones. The Northern Development Zone (NDZ) - comprising of Haa Alifu and Haa Dhaal atolls - with the project Ihaven at its center.

The other is the Southern Development Zone (SDZ) comprising of Gaafu Alifu, Gaafu Dhaal, Gnaviyani and Addu atolls. Apart from the two mentioned two zones, a third will be considered in Greater Male' region.

According to PPM the three developmental zones will have a curated list of future prospects that, should president Abdulla Yameen get re-elected for office, will commence.

"These three zones will form the core development hubs of the future," read the ruling party's manifesto.

The special development zones will include

  • - An international airport with a seaplane hub
  • - A well established tourism sector, with minimum of 10,000 beds
  • - Bridges and/or causeways that connect major islands where there is an economic case
  • - Paved roads in all major islands
  • - An international seaport and marine transport hub for the distribution of sea cargo within the zone
  • - Industrial zones with incentives for new industries
  • - A landmark grand mosque and an Islamic center
  • - A financial center
  • - International schools and a multi-specialty hospital
  • - An international sports stadium a multipurpose convention center
  • - Housing for all
  • - Clean water and sewerage systems in all the islands
  • - A designated beach on each island
  • - Waste management centers
  • - Nature parks

The manifesto reads that in these designated development zones cities will be identified in major islands with considerably higher economical background; and developed as a city 'offering a high quality of life.'

Ruling party also suggests that under the proposed model each island will be in a fifty mile radius of a city.

Each city will have:

  • - A domestic airport
  • - Paved roads
  • - Minimum of 500 housing units
  • - A city hospital
  • - A stadium
  • - A swimming area
  • - A bank
  • - A designated beach
  • - Waste management systems
  • - A city hall/Community Center

Each island will have:

  • - A domestic airport within a maximum travel time of 30 minutes
  • - A swimming area
  • - A clean water and sewerage system
  • - A children's park
  • - An outdoor gym
  • - A community center

Ruling party promises of continuing phase 2 developments at reclaimed suburb, Hulhumale' which falls under Greater Male' development zone along with Vilimale' and Vilimale 2.

In addition to this PPM plans on building an international airport at Kaadedhdhoo "with a seaplane hub provide connections from the airport to the resorts in the region, in the first two years."

Similarly the proposed plan also suggests developing "Ihaven as an integrated development project with an international airport, international transshipment port, connected with special economic zones."