Pres campaigning to cease after dusk on Sat

The presidential campaign that has been proceeding across the country ahead of the elections slated for September 23 will officially stop at 18:00hrs on Saturday evening.

In a statement by Elections Commission (EC) of Maldives, they have demanded to cease any campaign or anti-campaign activity of the presidential candidates after 18:00hrs on Saturday evening until 06:00hrs of Sunday morning.

According to article number 44 of Elections (General) Act of Maldives, any activity or matters related to presidential campaigning should be ceased officially on 18:00hrs a day ahead of polls until 06:00hrs of the last voting day.

The Maldives electoral watchdog claims sticking campaign posters and playing campaign songs aloud; and any manner or level of candidate promoting activity after 18:00hrs of Saturday evening will be considered a criminal offense.