Police probe complain of MDP supporters 'selling' National ID cards

Four youths from Gaaf Dhaal atoll Rathafandhoo have been summoned to the Police department in the island regarding mounting complains of selling national identity card.

A police media official has since confirmed that the four individuals have been brought in for questioning after several complaints were lodged against them. However, the officer confirmed the youths were simply at the department for questioning and were not under arrest.

All four youths have been identified as Maldivian Democratic Party's (MDP) supporters.

The island council's president Hunaif Aslam has also confirmed four youths from Rathafandhoo were summoned to police department and asked to turn in their national ID cards. However, he denied the accusations of the individuals selling national identity cards.

Aslam also accuses ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) attempting to 'buy' their ID cards, but were complained at police for their refusal to comply. The island council's president further noted that they were summoned in for questioning after all four had stated they did not have their ID cards in their possession upon inquiry.

Since then several of MDP supporters from the island have gathered near the local police department's premises voicing their frustration. Many have claimed police did not have any legal authority in arresting anyone without probable charges.