EC terminates officers guilty of political conduct

Elections Commission (EC) of Maldives on Saturday have terminated four of its employees after they were found guilty of participating in political activities.

The commission's president Ahmed Shareef on Saturday confirmed employees found guilty with credible evidence on their direct involvement in presidential campaign rallies conducted by both MDP and PPM were sacked.

The Maldives electoral watchdog's member Ahmed Akram confirmed to Avas Online of the news while adding that several other officers found with minor offenses were advised against repeating their mistakes.

Apart from the sacking of four of its employees, EC also confirms some changes have been made to the officers designated at various ballot stations in light of either resignation or change of officer's location to elsewhere.

Meanwhile complaints have mounted of ruling Progressive Party of Maldives' (PPM) activists acting as de-facto overseers in various polling stations; which the opposition has suspected were attempts to rig the elections.