Few 'hiccups' at some ballot stations cause hold-up on voting

Around 16:35hrs on Sunday afternoon it was reported that a slight issue at the ballot box number 5 of north-Machchangolhi constituency came to a hold and lasted an hour without voting.

The situation rose when the tally sheet at elections officials' hands mismatched the queue present at the venue for casting vote.

Meanwhile another minor issue rendered the north-Fuvahmulah constituency's ballot box number 1 idle after two individuals were halted from voting.

Observers present at the venue continuously claimed the two individuals cannot cast vote since their names were not reflected on the voters list at the ballot station.

However, they carried with them letters with the seal of Maldives electoral watchdog; permitting them to cast vote on the designated ballot box.

Elections Commission's spokesperson Ahmed Akram had since noted that any individual whose name did not appear on voters list due to the commission's shortcomings were compensated via a permission letter handed to such voters to present while casting vote.