Pres Yameen accepts defeat in 2018 Pres polls

The incumbent president of Maldives Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom on Monday afternoon addressed his nation officially accepting defeat in Sunday's presidential elections.

While addressing the Maldives public on Monday afternoon, president Abdulla Yameen stated he has met with Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to congratulate him on winning the elections.

President Yameen in his address, told he has served the nation with diligence and integrity for the past five years but the Maldives public made their decision on Sunday. He added that he respected the citizens' decision and will continue serving the country even though he will be stepping down from presidential responsibilities for a second term.

The sitting president also highlighted his five year term has been by the most challenging any Maldives president faced.

"I have always prioritized national and the Maldivian public's interest, while facing the challenges that came my way. To save the country from any major constitutional unrest or similar political upheavals, if I had stepped down back then the affect would have been nationwide.

"I chose to face those obstacles despite its toll, and by Allah's grace I triumphed in keeping the balance of the country," president Yameen said.

President Yameen also claimed that during his five year tenure as the country's head of state he attempted to revitalize all fading customs and traditions of Maldives; adding he was successful in that endeavor.

He was referring to the judicial reform and executive level policies in either preserving or restoring Islamic tenets in the country's legal structure or judiciary.

The Maldives incumbent president also thanked everyone who had voted him on Sunday's elections as well as his spouse First Lady of Maldives Madam Fathimath Ibrahim for her continued encouragement.