Pres Yameen attempted for coup on Wed eve, says Nasheed

Former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed has suspected sitting president Abdulla Yameen attempted for a coup on Wednesday evening.

The ex-president claimed that the sitting president's attempt to annul the presidential election results on Wednesday night was a clear act of attempting for a coup.

Opposition activists on Wednesday evening made strong implications that the incumbent head of state was attempting to annul presidential polls result; for a possible re-contesting.

Meanwhile Elections Commission on Wednesday confirmed the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) had lodged complains at the commission regarding polls result requesting to delay announcing final elections result to the last date of the legally mandated seven-day period.

The former president who has lived in self imposed exile after fleeing the island nation from his terrorism conviction claimed president Yameen with the aid of few police and military officers attempted for a coup.

However, Maldives military together with the police late Wednesday vowed to protect the will of the people amid reports that the ruling party was looking to annul Sunday's presidential elections which it comprehensively lost to the opposition alliance.

The assurances came after ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) asked the country's electoral watchdog to delay the announcement of the official result of the crunch elections alleging fraud.

Senior opposition officials had alleged that the ruling party had now filed a case with the country's High Court seeking to annul the elections.

Elections chief Ahmed Shareef had confirmed that PPM had filed several complaints asking the commission to delay the announcement of the official result.

However, Shareef said the commission would decide on the concerns raised by PPM after confirming that the complaints would affect the outcome of the elections.

Despite the ruling party's request, Shareef assured that the commission would not delay the announcement of the official result beyond the legally mandated seven day period.

According to the country's election law, the elections commission must announce the official result within seven days of the election which would expire on Sunday.

The ruling party's challenge of the election result come in the wake of reports of the imminent arrest of the EC chief Shareef over allegations of vote rigging.

Details had also emerged that PPM was gearing up to challenge the election results after alleged screenshots of text messages sent to government lawmakers by chief government MP Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik hinted that the ruling party is gearing up to challenge the election result.

"There are developments to come," one text message read.

In another text message, Nihan asks his fellow party MPs to send a list of people who have complained of being unable to vote in the elections.

None of the senior ruling party officials has been available for immediate comment.