Court throws out charges against top opposition MP

Criminal Court on Thursday threw out two charges against opposition aligned lawmaker Ahmed Mahloof - two days after he was released from remand custody.

The South-Galolhu MP was facing terrorism charges after he led a protest near the main prison in Maafushi island calling on the government to implement the landmark Supreme Court order on February 1.

The outspoken lawmaker was also facing charges of 'providing false information' related to two separate Tweets, each carrying a six-month sentence.

During a pre-trial hearing, the court threw out the charges pointing out that the lawmaker had been wrongly charged under the penal code.

Mahloof was held in prison before he was transferred to house arrest in April.

Mahloof's release came less than a day after freed more opposition politicians following the opposition alliance elections victory.

As many as nine politicians including former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was brought to the capital from the main prison in Maafushi island to be produced in court late Monday.

However, the court freed South Machchangoalhi MP Abdulla Sinan, Dhangethi lawmaker Ilham Ahmed Gayoom's son-in-law Ahmed Nadeem and former police chief Ahmed Areef who had been in remand until the end of their trials. The four had been charged with terrorism for conspiring to overthrow the government following the landmark Supreme Court ruling in February.

The court refused to rule on the custodial detention of Gayoom, his lawmaker son, Faris Maumoon, former chief justice Abdulla Saeed and top court judge Ali Hameed pointing out that they had all been jailed on criminal convictions.

The Criminal Court has already released Jumhoory Party deputy leader Abdulla Riyaz earlier Monday.