EC Pres to seek police probe on 'edited' audio recording

Maldives Elections Commission (EC) president Ahmed Shareef has claimed he will seek police probe on the 'edited' audio recording currently being shared on social media platforms.

The now viral audio was apparently a conversation between the Maldives electoral watchdog's president and an unknown male. The latter reiterated he was scared of 'getting caught.'

However, the situation to which the unknown male was referring to is unclear from the audio clip.

The individual added he was contacted by someone accusing him of colluding the vote results in cooperation with Shareef; to swerve polls results against president Abdulla Yameen's favor.

Shareef is also heard referring to the outgoing president; claiming the Maldives head of state might use 'anyone as a scapegoat at this point.'

"The audio leaked on social media consists of several conversations I had, which had been doctored out of context. My conversations have been jumbled to achieve this, however, I will be seeking police assistance to commence a probe into the matter. I assure full cooperation to local police regarding the case," Shareef said.

The Elections Commission president bemoaned he was getting accused of rigging the presidential election of 2018.

Shareef was confident the electoral watchdog adhered to elections regulations and had not violated any set rules for the presidential polls.