Maldives Ex-Pres Nasheed promises returning home on Nov

Former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed who sought asylum from United Kingdom after fleeing the country promised to return to homeland on November.

The ex-president who has lived the past years in self-imposed exile claimed that despite his cases still remain to be concluded at local courts, he will be coming back to Maldives on November 1.

"To everyone's attention, I wish to fly back to Maldives on November 1. I do not mind how where I stand regarding the cases pressed against me," Nasheed sent the message to the joint parliamentary group.

While Nasheed has expressed his plans of returning home on November, coalition backed president-elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will be swearing in as the island nation's president on November 17.

Solih has promised of releasing all political prisoners arrested under Abdulla Yameen's administration; most of whom were apprehended on trumped-up charges according to several key advocates and activists backing the coalition.