JP leader Gasim Ibrahim delays trip back to Maldives

The Villa Group honcho and Jumhooree Party (JP) founder Gasim Ibrahim has postponed his trip back home for Thursday.

The politician sought sanctuary in Germany after he was let go of Maldives authorities to Singapore for medical emergency due to ailing health. Since then he had flown to Germany and found asylum in the European nation.

Along with the JP founder, the party's current president Ali Waheed and former vice-president of Maldives Mohamed Jameel were expected to fly back to the island nation on Wednesday afternoon.

However, all three have now postponed their trip a day back to Thursday and is expected to land around 14:00hrs.

The business tycoon turned politician decided flying back home after the Maldives appellate court released him on bail earlier.

Maldives criminal court found him guilty of bribery and was sentenced to jail for 3 years, 2 months and 12 days in his absentia.

Maldives High Court released Gasim Ibrahim on bail until the appellate court can come to conclusion on his case.

Current JP president Ali Waheed and former vice-president Mohamed Jameel; who in recent months have lived in exile at United Kingdom will be returning to Maldives with Gasim Ibrahim. The two act as political advisors to Gasim Ibrahim.

The former vice-president Mohamed Jameel fled country after he was deposed from the executive responsibilities. Maldives police warranted a search for him on allegations of attempting to jail the outgoing president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

Jumhooree Party's current president Ali Waheed fled the country following the Mayday protest back in 2015.