Gayoom's appeal case stalls over unfinished Criminal Court report

Former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's appeal case at the Maldives appellate court on Thursday gets stalled over lack of necessary documents.

Gayoom's advocate Ibrahim Shameel was given the court floor to address the appeal provisions, however he stressed the detailed document citing Criminal Court's case decision was not completed and added requires additional time.

The Criminal Court' detailing on the case proceedings is necessary in order to deliberate on the appeal provisions, said Gayoom's advocate who requested to present fresh provisions once the document is completed.

The appeal case's preceding judge Ali Sameer had countered that several opportunities were given to the appellant to present the document to court; noting the appellate court had then clarified the details.

Sameer argued Criminal Court was unable to release the document due to absence of one of the defendant lawyer's signature.

However, Gayoom's other advocate Maumoon Hameed counter-argued claiming the new Criminal Procedure Act ensures that the lawyer signatures are not compulsory for the court to release the documents. Hameed also added the signatures mandatory on the document are the court staffs in-charge of typing the document.

Hameed also detailed that should the signature of the Criminal Court staff is missing, it should not be held against the appellant.

Judge Sameer had responded the necessary document will be available from Criminal Court, and to log complaint at the appellate court should Criminal Court decline to the appellant's requests.

Court had then concluded Thursday's hearing providing necessary time to research the Criminal Court document and present fresh provisions based on the appeal process.