Courts 'unlikely' to annul election result, insists Gayoom

It remains highly unlikely that any court of law in the Maldives would "meddle" with the result of a "free and fair" presidential election, former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom insisted Sunday.

Speaking to the media after meeting with fellow opposition leader Gasim Ibrahim who returned from exile on Thursday after being granted bail, the 80 year old Gayoom pointed out that the whole world had welcomed last month's presidential elections.

Elections Commission has now announced the official results which confirmed opposition alliance presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih as the seventh president of the archipelago with a staggering 58.4 percent of the votes.

Solih had been backed by Yameen's main political rivals including the now jailed former presidents Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Nasheed along with Jumhoory Party leader and business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim.

However, the ruling party has now claimed that the elections commission had rigged the elections and has called for protests demanding the commission to answer recent allegations.

Gayoom further said the election had been conducted in the presence of both local and foreign observers while no major complaints had surfaced that could affect the outcome of the elections.

"This is now over. Both the preliminary and the official result have now been announced. That window has also now closed. There's nothing anyone can do about it now. That's because the election was free, fair and transparent. Voting took place right in front of observers, monitors, election officials, media and the representatives of the candidates. So how can they claim something now that no one had noticed then," Gayoom said.

Gasim also echoed Gayoom's stand adding that there were no plausible grounds to get the courts involved and challenge the result of the election.