Maldives scientist offers to aid high-profile probes

Renowned Maldives professor Hassan Ugail has extended his assistance to the ongoing investigation to high-profile cases in the archipelago.

In a Facebook post, Ugail, the first Maldivian scientist and PhD holder in mathematics who is currently a Professor at the University of Bradford said he was willing to aid high profile cases including the brutal murders of Afrasheem Ali and Yameen Rasheed along with the mysterious disappearance of Ahmed Rilwan.

The Maldives Independent reporter Rilwan went missing nearly four years ago and his disappearance remains arguably the biggest unsolved mystery in the archipelago.

Renowned local blogger Yameen Rasheed had been hacked to death in the stairwell of his own home in April last year while lawmaker and religious scholar Dr Afrasheem was hacked to death in 2012.

"I am, in my personal capacity, willing to provide assistance in such matters should it deem necessary," Ugail said.