Repealing anti-defection law could open 'transfer market', warns ex-chief justice

The opposition led move to to repeal the anti-defection law could open the "transfer market" for lawmakers, former chief justice Ahmed Faiz Hussain warned Thursday.

The outgoing government controlled parliament in March had passed the anti-defection law largely devised to disqualify a dozen former government lawmakers.

Top ruling party lawmaker Riyaz Rasheed had filed a motion in parliament to repeal the law. Faiz in a Facebook post warned that repealing law could pave the way for lawmakers to enrich themselves.

The former chief justice had urged the parliament against repealing the law but instead to annul the clauses in the law that contradict constitutional rights.

According to the law, lawmakers elected on party tickets would lose their respective seats if they quit, change or are dismissed from the party. However, the law would not apply to independent members if they sign for a particular party.

The law also does not apply to lawmakers for violating party whip-lines or are penalized by a party for disciplinary violations.