Maldives pres-elect to be sworn in on Nov 17

Maldives' president elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is set to be sworn in on November 17 after the parliamentary committee reviewed the motion on the hugely debatable swearing in date.

Deputy parliament speaker Moosa Manik had filed a motion to the parliament to decide on bringing forward the swearing in of Solih from November 17 to November 11.

In 2013, incumbent president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom was sworn into office on November 17 after a marathon elections after the first round of elections was annulled by the country's top court.

Thee Supreme Court had cancelled the run-off and annulled the first round results in September 2013. A re-run of the first round was held on November 9 and the run-off was planned for the following day due to the need to have a new President in place by November 11.

However, the run-off was again postponed to November 16 by the Supreme Court after Yameen claimed he needed more time to campaign. Yameen eventually won the run-off against the now self-exiled former president Mohamed Nasheed and was sworn in the next day.

After the debate on Sunday, the parliament had forwarded the motion to be reviewed by a seven member parliamentary committee.

During the committee sit-down, a document was presented which showed that incumbent president Yameen Abdul Gayoom was sworn in to office for the presidential term commencing on November 17.

In light of the development, Solih does not wish to be sworn in before November 17, the opposition said after the committee meeting.

Solih had earlier insisted that he does not wish to leave any room to doubt the legality of his swearing in as the country's seventh president.

"I believe that we need to discuss this issue broadly and reach a mutually agreeable consensus. I definitely don't wish to do anything that contradicts the constitution. And I definitely don't want anyone to say that I took the oath of office in violation of the constitution," Solih had said urging his fellow lawmakers to consider all aspects surrounding the conundrum before making a collective decision.