Maldives pres committed to recovering stolen state funds

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has reiterated his government's commitment to recovering public funds lost to corruption.

In his address on the occasion of this year’s International Anti-Corruption Day, president Solih said the Maldives would soon experience good governance and strengthened state institutions in line with his electoral pledge to eradicate corruption from the country.

He insisted that resolving the loss of public assets and funds due to corruption remains one of the highest priorities of the administration.

In his address, President Solih has said that the country would not be able to reach the desired level of progress, unless the corruption epidemic from the country can be erased.

He has also emphasised the importance of ensuring fair and equal delivery of public services from state institutes, in the effort to eliminate corruption with the government.

President Solih has said that one of the most important steps towards eliminating corruption from the country is to win the public’s trust for State institutions, underscoring the significance of ensuring the sincerity, accountability and transparency of the institutions.

He especially noted that all civil servants, senior executives, and especially the cabinet ministers must be corruption-free and accountable to the people.

Highlighting the Maldives’ low score on the recent Corruption Perception Index, President Solih has called upon everyone to aim towards becoming corruption-free. He also noted that this will attract more foreign investors to the country.

The President further urged all State institutions to fully cooperate and support the Anti-Corruption Commission in their efforts to build a corruption-free society. He has also reassured of his administration’s full support and cooperation to the cause.