Pres commission refusing to provide details of 'gang link' claims, says DJA

The Commission on Investigation of Murders and Enforced Disappearances has so far refused to provide details of serious allegations made against the judiciary by its chief, judicial administration department (DJA) said Wednesday.

Husnu-Al-Suood alleged on 30th December that gangs and businessmen exert undue influence on Criminal Court judges. The integrity of Criminal Court judges are compromised with the help of bribes and other incentives, the former attorney general and renowned lawyer Suood had claimed.

Speaking during a press conference on Wednesday, judicial academy chancellor Ahmed Majid alleged that Suood's claims against the judiciary appears to lack weight over his refusal to provide details.

Majid said if there was any truth behind the claims, there was no reason Suood should not provide details to the country's top court adding that there was nothing standing in the way of seeking action against the lawyer.

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) meanwhile had also expressed concern over the presidential commission's decision to make huge allegations against the judiciary that can be constituted as contempt of court.

The Supreme Court has also launched an investigation into Suood's claims, although the Criminal Court has denied all allegations.