Nasheed raises concern over congestion in Maldives capital

Former President Mohamed Nasheed on Wednesday stated that living in congestion is less than the lifestyle deserved by the Maldivian people.

Speaking at a primary campaign launching event, Nasheed said the land in Male' City have been divided up into small slabs to the point that five or six households are confined to a mere 100 sq ft.

The Maldivian people deserve more than this lifestyle subjected to congestion, Nasheed stressed.

"Maldives is by no means a poor country, as the GDP of the country is at USD 5 billion. This is an yearly amount of USD 12,000 per citizen" he added.

Nasheed has recently vowed to ensure that all citizens of Male' City owns land in the City, although he did not disclose how he plans to achieve this.

The former president is bidding for a parliament seat in the upcoming elections and has vowed to push through much needed legislative reform to ease the social issues plaguing the archipelago.