Ex- Pres' PPM blame govt for delay in IAS payment

Nilandhoo MP, and ex-PPM member, Abdulla Khaleel has blamed the State for the delay in payment of funds owed by PPM to national carrier, Maldivian.

Speaking at a press conference held by new political party, Peoples' National Alliance (PNC) on Sunday, Khaleel said that during the last year, MVR 8.5 million owed to PPM by the state had been with-held, due to which the MVR four million owed to Island Aviation by PPM has not yet been settled by the party.

Khaleel requested the government to deduct the sum owed to the carrier from the with-held funds by affecting the MVR 4 million payout to Island Aviation.

Including the budget for the current year, a figure around MVR 20 million is currently owed to the party by the State. Khaleel urged the government to pay the remaining amount after deducting all funds owed.

'Maldivian' filed a case at the Elections Commission and the Ministry of Finance and Treasury after PPM failed to settle the payment due to the company for flights booked by the party members ahead of the 2018 Presidential Election. Part of the owed some was paid by the party following the submission, promising to pay the remainder in a short period.