MDP Primary: Over 86,000 members eligible to vote

Main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) on Tuesday said over 86,000 of its members are eligible to vote in its upcoming parliamentary primaries.

The crunch primary where 280 candidates would be contesting for 86 constituencies is slated to be held this Friday.

MDP confirmed to AVAS that 86,091 are eligible to vote in the primaries, and revealed that a lot of new members had joined the party ahead of the parliamentary primary. The Elections Commission have stated that 30,000 new members recently joined the party.

Only those who were MDP members before December 7 are eligible to vote in the primaries.

With only two days remain until the primary, the voters' list has now been publicized.

While the excitement for the primary builds up, competing candidates are busy carrying out campaigns. Party leader, Mohamed Nasheed, who is also contesting for the newly-created Central Machchangaolhi constituency in the capital, has been taking part in many of these campaign events.

No candidates have applied to contest for Nilandhoo constituency. Candidates who applied for nine constituencies secured tickets without a primary as only one candidate applied for the respective constituencies. The uncontested constituencies are Hoarafushi, Baarah, Dhidhdhoo, Milandhoo, Alifushi, Mahibadhoo, Fuvahmulah North, Galolhu North and Maafaanu North.