Graft watchdog to probe DJA corruption

Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) has forwarded two cases of suspected corruption to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

The discrepancies were identified in an audit conducted on DJA in 2016. The DJA has not made any allegations against specific individuals regarding the case, it has been reported.

The audit revealed that the department had conducted shady communications with a local company to construct a division of Civil Court in reclaimed suburbs, Hulhumale'. The project was handed over to the company before the Finance Ministry gave their green light, noted the audit. Several large payments were issued to said company within a few days of project handover.

The ACC will also be probing the purchase of a treadmill for High Court use, which the court denies having ordered or received. The treadmill was being used at the Supreme Court, it has been reported.

The Judicial Administrator at the time was Hassan Saeed while the Chief Justice was Abdulla Saeed. Both are currently under house arrest, after being jailed in connection to the Supreme Court's landmark ruling on February 1, 2018, which the state has declared as an attempted coup.

The Department of Judicial Administration is mandated to organize, implement and oversee all administrative matters of the Judiciary. The Department of Judicial Administration functions under the Supreme Court of the Maldives, and persons assigned with the administrative tasks of the office is answerable to the Supreme Court of the Maldives.