Govt to establish nationwide healthcare network

An agreement has been signed on Tuesday between Health Ministry and Communication, Science and Technology Ministry to establish a nationwide healthcare network.

Speaking at the ceremony held to sign the agreements to digitalize the health services, Health Minister Abdulla Ameen said the project is expected to be completed within the first 100 days of administration.

With the implementation of the new system, it would offer the convenience of easy transfer of patient data among health care service providers while also simplifying the consultation process.

The digitalization would also abridge the processes undergone by health centers in the atolls in obtaining necessary medicatation.

Technology Minister Maleeh Jamaal said the ministry's target is to provide an efficient system to deliver services. The new modern system would advance the healthcare system of the Maldives, added Maleeh.

Establishing a nationwide healthcare network is among the targets the government of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is aiming to achieve within the first 100 days of administration.