MDP has no ulterior motives, claims ex-pres Nasheed

Main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has no ulterior motives in their bid for the parliament, and does not intend to increase the profits of personal companies of its members, says leader of MDP Mohamed Nasheed.

Speaking at the official campaign launching event of MDP for the parliamentary polls, the former president of Maldives said MDP's sole purpose is to make the hopes and dreams of the Maldivian people a reality through the parliament.

"We have no [personal] motives. No courts have ever looked into a case involving MDP over millions of money. Our hands are open to the reform of the judiciary, even though our hands are not tied from [misusing authority] for the benefit of our own companies", said Nasheed.

It is believed that Nasheed's words were directed at leader of coalition partner, Jumhooree Party, Gasim Ibrahim. The two parties have remained at loggerheads over contesting the upcoming parliamentary elections through the same coalition which saw them win the presidential elections in November last year.

"We are an organized political party, this party will conduct peaceful political activities. We are not concerned that we cannot get people to do services for us at cheap prices, our concern is ensuring a minimum wage for the workers - Therefore, this is the work we will be doing", added Nasheed.

In the campaign event attended by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Nasheed further said MDP would work towards social protection and sustenance of the people in the next parliament. Several bills will be presented at the parliament by MDP, including bills for establishing a minimum wage and granting an allowance for those seeking employment, in addition to housing and easy obtainment of loans. MDP's plans have already been publicized and opened for public opinion. He also pointed out an efficient tax system can only be established only by MDP.

Expressing his confidence on his presence at the 19th parliament, Nasheed promised again that the next Parliament would be unique in nature, and will possess integrity.

Nasheed further promised the incumbent government would fulfill all presidential pledges to the tee and will remain an advocate of the people. The people of the Maldives are aware that MDP would promote their rights, therefore, the likelihood of an MPD majority in the 19th parliament is assured, added Nasheed.