PPM withdraws parliamentary tickets in favour of JP candidates

Former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom's political party, Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has made the decision not to contest for some of their target constituencies in the parliamentary polls, and instead endorse coalition partner Jumhooree Party's candidates for the specific constituencies.

The party is currently informing the dropped contestants that their parliamentary tickets are being withdrawn.

An official from PPM revealed that the party has conducted discussions with Jumhooree Party, and it has been decided that PM would give up some seats and endorse Jumhooree Party candidates for the constituencies instead. The leader of the party is currently speaking to contestants who have been awarded tickets to represent the constituencies that are likely to be dropped in favour of JP candidates.

It has been confirmed that PPM has already spoken to the current MP of Gemanafushi constituency, Jameel Usman, and President Yameen has requested to endorse the Deputy Youth Minister during his regime, Ali Adil instead.

Some sources report that Jumhooree Party wishes for PPM to drop 25 constituencies in the parliamentary polls slated for April.