Immigration to deport foreigners on siezed fishing vessel

Maldives Immigration have stated that they will be deporting the foreign nationals who were aboard the Maldivian fishing vessel recently seized by India for venturing into their waters.

"Veeveru" fishing dhoni was caught fishing in the industrial zone of India near Minicoy by the Indian Navy. 12 people were aboard the dhoni at the time, revealed MNDF regarding the incident. After detaining the dhoni in India, it was released by the Indian government to sail back to Maldives on 16th February, owing to the close relationship that exists between Maldives and India, said the defense force.

Eight foreigners and four locals were on the dhoni.

Upon the dhoni's arrival back in Maldives, MNDF handed over the foreigners aboard to Immigration. Upon research, it was discovered that two out of the eight foreigners are on the run from their employers while the remaining six foreigners are working in Maldives illegally. Therefore, all eight foreigners will be deported, said Immigration.

Immigration is investigating the case further, and have stated that they will hold accountable those responsible for allowing the foreigners to work on the dhoni as the law prohibits foreigners from working on fishing vessels.