Nasheed makes serious allegations against ex-pres Maumoon

Former president Mohamed Nasheed has made serious allegations against his predecessor, former president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom.

Speaking at a campaign event of main ruling-MDP's candidate Hassan Afeef in Madifushi island of Thaa atoll, Nasheed said Maumoon's government had attempted to hide from the citizens and the world, the extent of the damage caused to Maldivian islands during the 2014 tsunami disaster. The news of he tsunami was first given to the Maldivian people and then the rest of the world by Hassan Afeef, said Nasheed.

In his address, Nasheed noted that the people of Madiushi island had suffered the aftermath of the tsunami, much like most other islands in the Maldives.

"The government of Maumoon Abdul Gayyom had attempted to hide the news of the tsunami. That was the policy followed then, to withhold information", said the main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party's leader against his coalition partner.

"When an incident of such a magnitude occurred, instead of alerting the world on the dire condition that had befallen the people, [Maumoon's government] had attempted to keep the news a secret. It was only through the efforts of Hassan Afeef that the news initially reached all corners of the world", alleged Nasheed.

Nasheed acknowledged the role of Hassan Afeef in providing temporary shelter for the victims of the incident and in repopulating the affected islands. He added that Hassan Afeef has been a vital figure in assuring the basic rights and independence of the people.