EC launch probe into Maamigili ballot boxes

Elections Commission (EC) has announced that they will be launching a probe into why over 100 valid votes of Maamigili constituency were counted as void during Saturday's parliamentary election.

190 void votes cast in three different ballot boxes of the constituency were recounted on Tuesday night after complaints were filed regarding the void votes.

The recount changed the difference between the projected winner of the seat and his opponent by 19 additional votes, although the end result did not change. Gasim Ibrahim defended his current Maamigili seat with 64 additional votes while his opponent, Ali Ameez from main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) received 45 additional votes.

EC member Ahmed Akram said the commission will investigate whether the valid votes were declared as void intentionally, and take necessary action.

According to the law, responsibility for such issues has to be taken by the official in charge of the ballot box. Tampering with votes is an offense by law.