State releases funds owed to opposing PPM

Finance Ministry has released the funds owed by the state to Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

A total of MVR 18 million was allocated for PPM in 2018's state budget. However, MVR 8 million out of the total amount was withheld by the Elections Commission, stating that the funds were not released due to ongoing court cases filed against the party.

In a letter sent earlier by the Finance Ministry to the party regarding the release of funds, the ministry said the delays in paying the funds were due to the fact that it was allocated from the previous year’s budget and not included in the budget for the current year.

The former ruling party is currently in debt, owing over MVR 3.8 million to the national airline after chartering flights on credit to transport during the 2018 presidential election campaign. The official phone line of the party office is currently disconnected over failure to pay outstanding bills.

While the leadership of the party is in question once again, the party recently appointed four new deputy leaders to the party leadership.