MVR 387 mill. spent by Aasandha Company in five months

State-owned Aasandha Company tasked with managing the national health insurance scheme has spent over MVR 387 million over the past five months.

The 'Weekly Fiscal Development' report publicized by Ministry of Finance show that Aasandha spent MVR 387.1 million from the total budget of MVR 1 billion allocated for the year, as at June 6 this year.

Government Revenue and Expenditure equal

A total budget of MVR 30 billion was approved for the year 2019. According to Finance Ministry's report, an expenditure of 9.8 million has been recorded thus far this year, while MVR 9.4 billion has been received as revenue and grants.

MVR 7.4 billion of the income accounts for tax revenue while non-tax revenues amount to MVR 1.7 billion. MVR 16.5 is projected to be received as tax revenue during the current year.

While a budget of MVR 9.5 billion has been approved for payment of salaries, wages and pensions, MVR 4 billion of the budget allocated for the purpose has already been used.