Maldives Partnership Forum 2019: The largest multilateral gathering of international development partners in Maldives

Maldives is preparing to host the Maldives Partnership Forum.

Maldives Partnership Forum, hosted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the biggest multilateral gathering of its kind to be organized in the Maldives. While multiple countries and international organizations will participate in this forum, it is expected to strengthen bilateral relations in addition to opening up new opportunities for he Maldives.

The forum will be held on Monday and Tuesday at the Kurumba Maldives and will be co-hosted by Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid and Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer. The forum will be inaugurated by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who will be speaking at the opening ceremony in addition to the two ministers.

Speaking about the forum, Ambassador at large, Dr. Asim Ahmed stated the bilateral relations between Maldives and other countries have grown weak over the past few years. The government hopes to rekindle the friendship with other nations through the forum, stated Asim, noting that the foreign policy of Maldives is very transparent and inclusive.

The Ambassador traveled to New Delhi and Colombo ahead of the forum to promote the event and relayed information regarding the forum to foreign organizations and ambassadors of different nations based in Sri Lanka and New Delhi. While invitation to participate in the forum was extended to the groups, most accepted the government's invitation with several delegates having already arrived at the Maldives to attend the forum.

Dr. Asim further stated that the forum will also provide a platform for key government ministers and policy-makers to inform the international community of the the development agenda and the upcoming National Development Plan, and to pursue the objectives of the Government’s key pledges through greater cooperation and resource organisation.

Five panel will take place during this year's partnership forum, focusing on the most important areas of the government to seek the support of international communities.

The five discussion panels are:

1. Macroeconomic and fiscal overview
2. Blue economy
3. Social economy
4. Building robust institutions
5. Partnering private sector development

The Foreign Ministry is currently making the final preparations for the forum. Foreign Minister Shahid will be hosting a special reception for the participants of the forum on Sunday night. The Minister is also scheduled to brief the media on the forum.

The theme of this year's Partnership Forum is " investing in a resilient and sustainable Maldives."