No restrictions on Judge Didi in resuming official duties - DJA

Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) has stated that the authority will follow the Supreme Court's stay order on Judge Abdulla Didi's suspension, despite the Judicial Service Commission's decision to disregard it.

Spokesperson of DJA Faisal Adam said as the DJA is acting according to the order issued by the Supreme Court, they do not impose any restrictions on Judge Didi in resuming his duties.

While Judge Didi continues to attend work, a case over which Judge Didi presides has been scheduled for Monday.

The JSC made the decision to suspend the Supreme Court justice over bribery allegations filed by Speaker of the Majlis Mohamed Nasheed. The former president claims Judge Didi accepted a bribe of US$1 million to jail Nasheed for 15 year in 2015 while Didi worked as a Criminal Court judge.

Denying the claims, Judge Didi challenged his suspension at the Supreme Court, requesting the court to dismiss JSC's suspension. The court then issued the stay order, ordering authorities not to take any action against the judge.

However, an emergency meeting of the JSC was called following the Supreme Court decision, during which the members maintained their suspension on Didi despite the Supreme Court order. An emergency meeting of the Judicial Council was then called, however, the findings of the meeting were not revealed.