Immigration probes reports of suspects possessing fake Maldivian passports

Maldives Immigration is probing reports that fake Maldivian passports were found in the possession of two Belarus men arrested in Tunisia.

The group was arrested in Tunisia on suspicions of espionage. Passports of Ukraine and Poland were also found in their possession, some foreign medias reported.

In a tweet, Maldives Immigration said they are working with concerned parties to establish the credibility of the unconfirmed reports. They also stated that it is highly unlikely that the current Maldivian electronic passports could be tempered to bypass any modern immigration, as it is a globally accepted, highly secured fraud-resistance e-passport with state-of-the-art security features to prevent fraud.

The Maldives passport was recently ranked by the Henley Passport Index as the most powerful passport in South Asia. Maldives passport enjoys on arrival visa for over 80 countries.