Govt. to submit supplementary budget to parliament

Finance Ministry has revealed that the government will be submitting a supplementary budget for parliament approval.

Speaking to AVAS, an official from Finance Ministry said the national budget for the current was proposed by the government of former president Abdulla Yameen. The current budget poses challenges in implementing some policies and projects of the current administration, the official said.

Therefore, a supplementary budget will soon be presented to the parliament by the government, said the official. Details on the supplementary budget cannot be divulged at the time as the budget is still being formulated, he said. However, the details will be revealed to the media as soon as it is finalized.

"We are working on the supplementary budget. We will reveal its details before we send the budget for parliament approval. We cannot say an exact date on which the budget will be sent [to the parliament], however, we are working on sending it at the earliest", said the official.

The parliament approved a budget of MVR 30.2 billion for the current year. Although the budget, which has a deficit of MVR 4 billion, was proposed by the previous administration, budget was allocated for fulfilling the current administration's pledges and implementing some projects.

However, as small amounts were allocated in the budget for some government projects, the projects will be implemented nearer to the end of the year, Planing Minister Mohamed Aslam revealed on Sunday. The budget allocated for some projects are insufficient to implement the projects, he further noted.