Voting underway to elect JSC member from among lawyers

Voting is underway to elect a member from among lawyers for the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

Voting began at 9:00am on Saturday and will conclude at 5:00pm. The election is organized by the newly established Bar Council with the assistance of the Elections Commission.

Two ballot boxes have been placed at Jamaluddin Schol in capital Male' while a third box has been placed at Sharafuddin School in southernmost Addu City.

This is the first election organized by the Bar Council since they were established as the regulatory body overseeing lawyers of Maldives. Over 1400 licensed lawyers are eligible to vote in the election.

Five lawyers are contesting for the JSC seat. They are Ali Rasheed, Abdul Maniu Hussain, Ahmed Nasheed Hussain, Abdul Azeez Jamaal Aboobakuru and Mariyam Haneefa Khalid.