Ex-VP Adeeb admitted MMPRC graft involvement in agreement with PG

A remand hearing held late Sunday night for Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb has revealed that an agreement was made between Adeeb and the Prosecutor General's Office, admitting his involvement in the MMPRC graft.

AVAS understands the agreement was enacted between Adeeb and the PG Office two months back, although no authorities have revealed information on the agreement thus far.

Under the agreement, Adeeb admitted to his involvement in the MMPRC graft, and agreed to support the investigation by providing information.

Such agreements are enacted under the criminal procedural laws in the circumstance of admission of guilt. If a suspect admits his guilt before charges are pressed, the individual is entitled to a lighter sentence under the criminal procedural law,. In such a case, certain stages of a trial will be foregone and trial will be expedited to reach a verdict within 5 days.

Adeeb was detained in Tuticoin, India and arrested as he attempted to flee to India on a tug boat while an active travel ban was imposed on him. After he was brought back to Maldives, he was presented to the Criminal Court with the police seeking a remand period of 15 days. At the hearing, both the State and Adeeb''s lawyers spoke of the agreement between the two parties.

During the hearing, the investigative officers in charge of the case said Adeeb had violated the agreement between himself and the State. Under the agreement, Adeeb had admitted his role in embezzling the MMPRC funds, and agreed to provide information on how the funds were laundered. He also agreed to provide evidence, which included a phone and a pen drive.

However, after the items were handed over to the State, Adeeb fled to India which is in violation of the agreed terms. Therefore, the police wish to keep Adeeb detained in jail, said the IO. While a flight risk is likely, it is also probable that Adeeb would attempt to influence witnesses testifying against him, said the police.

Speaking on the agreement, Adeeb said he did not wish to violate the agreement, and had been forced to leave the country as he had feared for his life.

"I signed an agreement, and I have been giving information. It has been two months, and I have been cooperating fully. However, this involves several people, and I continue to receive threats. I have faced much deceit. Therefore, I made the decision to flee the country and it was not intended to violate the agreement", said Adeeb.

Adeeb's lawyer Mahfooz Saeed said some of the information being revealed by Adeeb involves some senior officials of the current government as well as parliament members and judges. There is no guarantee of police protection against the threats posed by said individuals, he said.

Mahfooz said if the police can assure protection for Adeeb, the former vice president is more than willing to share information. Noting that the state had requested the Supreme Court to detain Adeeb even while he was cooperating and acting in accordance with the agreement, Mahfooz said if an agreement existed between two parties, both parties must respect its terms.

Mahfooz further requested to keep Adeeb under house arrest in the event that he is detained. There is no objection from Adeeb in stationing police officers in front of his apartment and else where, said Mahooz.

While information on an agreement with Adeeb has come into light, all convictions against Adeeb were dismissed around the time the agreement was enacted. While one conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court, the remaining two convictions were dismissed by the High Court, and the Criminal Court was ordered to conduct a retrial of the cases. However, the Criminal Court made the decision not to pursue the cases further and returned them to the Prosecutor General's office. The PG Office has now appealed the move at the Supreme Court.