VP discusses expanding therapy services across Maldives

Vice President Faisal Naseem has discussed expanding therapy services for individuals with disabilities across Maldives.

The meeting took place on Monday afternoon at the President's Office between the Vice President and heads of relevant authorities.

During the meeting, the Vice President emphasized that in line with the development of tertiary healthcare services across the country, it is essential that individuals with disabilities have easy access to treatment and services designed to provide them with a better quality of life, revealed President's Office.

The Vice President also discussed the importance of incorporating these services into the education sector and schooling system, taking special care to monitor the development of children with disabilities between infanthood and five years of age.

The Minister of Health, Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services and the Minister of Education were in attendance at the meeting, as were senior executives from the Department of Inclusive Education, National Social Protection Agency and Aasandha.