Amendments to be brought to Decentralization Act before local council elections

Main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party's Chairperson and Henveiru Hulhangu MP Hassan Latheef has revealed that the Decentralization Act will be reviewed and amended before next year's local council elections.

Speaking to the press following the ceremony held on Friday night to conclude MDP's Councillor's Congress, Hassan Latheef said the party hopes to finish drafting the bill proposing amendments to the Centralization Act within two weeks.

Latheef, who chaired the Councillor's Conference said the Speaker of the Parliament and President of MDP, Mohamed Nasheed wishes to bring the necessary changes to the bill and send it for committee approval within the next two weeks.

Latheef added that even if the bill is delayed for any reason, the required changes to the bill will be brought and ratified before the end of the year.