'Leaders will maintain confidentiality of the Rilwan's report'

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has affirmed his conviction that the leaders of political parties and parliamentary groups will contain the confidential details from the report presented on Ahmed Rilwan's death.

The head of the commission set up to investigate murders and enforced disappearances, Husnu Al Suood presented Nasheed with Rilwan's case report on the 2nd September. Nasheed then shared the report with parliamentary group leaders.

However, the report was returned to Parliament Secretariat by the PG leaders. AVAS has learnt that the information on secret witnesses who gave statements to the commission were not retracted from the report before it was shared with PG leaders, due to which they returned the report. The Parliament has since released a summary of the report to the public.

Speaker Nasheed spoke about the report during Tuesday's Parliament sitting, revealing that discussions had ensued between himself an Husnu-Al-Suood on how the Parliament should proceed with the matter. Suood requested for the Parliament to debate on the matter.

"The President of the Commission wishes for the Parliament to debate on the matter. I informed him that the report would have to be shared with 87 members. He accepted", said Nasheed.

Nasheed said after discussing debating the issue with Parliamentary Group leaders, it was decided that it was better to share a summarized report as opposed to a detailed report at this time.

"I have no doubt that the PG leaders will maintain the confidentiality of the contents of the report", Nasheed stated.

Nasheed noted that in other countries around the globe, presidential commissions' investigative reports are released to the public once the cases are concluded . Similarly, members of the Parliament's Judiciary Committee and many attorneys have advised it is best not to share the full detailed report at this time.

"Publicizing this report will cause heartbreak to Rilwan's family. His parents. His close friends", said Nasheed.